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Petri Lounaskorpi
Petri Lounaskorpi
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Web based learning is todays learning method. Does your organization support this?

DidacTec ltd  is Your solution for new training for the Smart Society. Human innovations, web based,
mobile trainings for in-service training, curriculum development and strategical planning
for educational organizations.

Wast experience of implementation of e-learning, on-line education, mobile learning, content creation and
building web based learning and competence development environments from basic education to academical
institutes gives a good background for tailorizing the training for induvidual needs.

1. Proposed Position:  Pedagogical Consultant, owner of DidacTec

2. Profession:    Senior Project Manager, University of Jyvaskyla, ITRI

3. Date of Birth:    28 June 1958

4. Years with Firm:    Eight years – since 2000 as a project manager

5. Nationality:    Finnish

6. Membership in Professional Societies: Finnish e-learning society

7. Education:   

Institution:    University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
Date from [month/year] – to [month/year]:    8 / 1980 - 12 / 1985
Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:    M.A. (Master of Arts, 1985),
Main subjects:    majoring in educational studies and teaching
8. Key Qualifications:

Planning of distance education systems and their business

Mr Lounaskorpi has worked a number of years in different distance education projects in different capacities. He has been designing distance education systems for various environments, writing distance education materials, training distance educators at different universities and companies (in Finland, the Netherlands, England, Portugal and Hungary) as well as training international organizations and also writing tutoring and student support guides.

Consultancy of learning applications and solutions

Mr Lounaskorpi has been consulting a wide number of Finnish and international companies and organizations in the design of their learning, information and performance systems. He has worked in this sector, among others, for projects at Central Finlands educational system ( secondary level ) and the Finnish Tax Admistration.

9. Employment Record:

From – to (month/year):    6 / 2004 – 2 / 2008
Employer:    University of Jyvaskyla, Information Technology Research Institute
Position:    Senior Project Manager
Description of duties:    Responsibility in designing and implementing web-based learning projects and HRD systems and solutions, electronic performance support systems, learning material databases

From – to (month/year):    1/2000 – 5/2004
Employer:    University of Jyvaskyla, Information Technology Research Institute
Position:    Project Manager
Description of duties:    Responsibility of developing and implementing web-based learning projects

From – to (month/year):    8 / 1985 – 6 / 2000
Employer:    Jyvaskyla rural municipality, Vaajakumpu school
Position:    Class teacher
Description of duties:    Primary schools class teacher

From – to (month/year):    10 / 1990 – 12 / 1999
Employer:    Jyvaskyla rural municipality
Position:    ICT development teacher
Description of duties:    Responsibility of implementing ICT in education, strategy planning and teacher inservice training of the educational system

From – to (month/year):    8 / 1995 –
Employer:    Jyväskylä university, Continuing Education Centre,Tampere university,  Continuing Education Centre
Position:    Principal Lecturer, teachers inservice trainer
Description of duties:    Principal Lecturer in webbased education , ict implementation and ict strategy planning in educational organizations

10. Detailed tasks assigned in the project:    Work undertaken which best illustrates capability to handle the tasks assigned:
Strategy and Concept for Continuous Teacher Development
Mr Lounaskorpi has worked in 2000 -2008 as the Project Leader in several projects for implementing the ICT and web-based education in educational systems and organizations. In the on going project in the Central Finland  Region there is a network of more than 40 secondary and vocational schools which are co-operating in web based couses, teacher inservice training and strategy planning.
On the other trail mr Lounaskorpi has consulted the Finnish tax addmistration in the implementation and developing of the web–based education in personal training since 2001.

Mr. Lounaskorpi has also worked as a Senior Expert in the design of web-based training system for the EC officials for the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2004 - 05.

11. Language skills:    (excellent, very good, good, fair, poor)

Language        Reading         Speaking    Writing
Finnish      Mother language    Excellent    Excellent   
English         Excellent            Excellent    Excellent
German        Excellent            Very good    Good
Swedish        Excellent            Very good    Good

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